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Law Enforcement

This page contains information for law enforcement agencies regarding Missing Persons and the KCJIS technology infrastructure available to law enforcement in Kansas.

Missing Person Photos

Local agencies can find all of the active missing persons records on the KCJIS Missing Persons application (requires a token to log in) and upload images to the record.

Family members of missing persons should contact local law enforcement with any questions or information about a photo for the record of the missing individual.

KCJIS Access and Token Information

If your agency already has access to KCJIS and you have a token, you may contact the KBI Help Desk and request access to the Missing Persons application on the KCJIS Web Portal.

If your agency has access to KCJIS but you DO NOT have a token, please contact your agency TAC for more information on how to obtain a token and access to KCJIS systems.

If your agency DOES NOT have access to KCJIS please follow this link for information on how your agency can get access to KCJIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on some of the most frequently asked questions for law enforcement agencies regarding missing persons, please click the link below.